Oracle Business Partners offers a range of professional services to businesses varying in scale and scope. These services are broken down into the areas listed below.

Accounting Services

Oracle Business Partners understands that financial management is crucial to operating any successful business and having an effective accounting structure is an integral part to this process. Proper account management allows an organization to map out its financial landscape for present and future objectives.

Oracle Business Partners offers tailored services aimed at adding value to their client’s businesses through a streamlined financial reporting framework. We are an organization that consists of qualified personnel dedicated to providing our clients with professional accounting service with the highest level of efficiency, accuracy and confidentiality.

Business Advisory Services

Most companies practice a form of risk management at some level within their decision-making process; nonetheless, not having a firm grasp of the impact those risks can impose on your business can ultimately lead to unsustainable losses. Today’s environment requires business partners that do not just rely on proven solutions but also present fresh ideas to approach and help businesses adapt to an ever-changing global landscape. Invariably, we seek to identify the risks confronting your organization, the internal controls that may mitigate those risks and we also assist in developing a thorough plan suited to your short and long-term goals. Whether your financial goals involve increasing operations size, a change of business focus or financial planning, Oracle Business Partners will act as your “third eye” aimed at helping organizations progressing with your vision.

Payroll Services

One of the more essential assets to any business is your staff and having an efficient and effective payroll process is crucial to your HR function. For small and medium size businesses, we act as your wages and labor compliance department to handle all technical and legal aspects of employee payroll allowing you the opportunity to focus more on growing your business. We provide the highest level of professionalism, accuracy and confidentiality when processing your payroll.

Credit Collection Services

In today’s global village, cash is still King and having an effective credit collection structure is important to maintaining an effective cash management cycle. Therefore, we are pleased to propose a cost effective solution that will both improve your cash inflows and minimize any in-house burdens that you currently may have. We understand that collections on amounts owed to you from debtors are a high priority for your company, as with any business.

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